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Holiday Notice: All CHSI locations will be closed on Monday, February 19th, 2024, for Presidents Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024, with normal business hours.

NOTICE: All CHSI locations will have modified hours and close early on March 15th, 2024. Please contact your nearest CHSI Health Center for their specific closing times.

The Power of Giving.

CHSI continues to work hard to deliver quality healthcare services to our vulnerable communities. Since 1984 we have been champions for health, and now our neighbors need us more than ever.

We ask any organization, person, or group to support our mission-driven health centers and allow us to continue taking care of the health of thousands of patients.

CHSI is in need of protective equipment, which allows our front-line healthcare heroes to continue to safely provide care at all locations. 

We are meeting-this-moment by also collecting non-perishable items that will be given to our neighbors in need

Medical Supplies

Items Most Needed

N95 & Face Masks


Protective Face Shields

Disinfectant Wipes

Fighting. Together.

Today, more than ever, community health centers are needed in order to safely continue caring for our neighbors. Our CHSI mission-driven health centers need more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

There is a nation-wide shortage of PPE, and like many other health providers, our PPE supply is being used at a high rate of speed. 

Help us keep our healthcare heroes safe!

Items Needed Include: 

-N95, Surgical, or Hand Sewn Masks

-Face Shields & Safety Goggles

-Nitrile, Vinyl, Latex-Free or Latex Gloves

-Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

-Tyvek & Isolation Gowns

-Disposable Hair & Shoe Covers

-Rain Ponchos

For any questions about acceptable Personal Protective Equipment, please email, call or text Kevin Mendoza, RN (Population Health Manager) at: (760) 518-7288

To set up a drop-off at any of our health centers, please contact William Hernandez: (760) 421-1175 or email

Non-Perishable Foods

Human Kindness

Together, We Can Accomplish Anything!

This public health emergency has hit our vulnerable communities the hardest and food insecurity has increased tremendously. This crisis has sparked massive lay off’s and families are struggling to keep food on the table. Help us spread love and feed our neighbors. CHSI is now accepting non-perishable food items that will be distributed to any community member in need.

Items We Can Accept, Include: 

-Canned Meats

-Canned Vegetables


-Gallons of Water

-Sports Drinks


-Peanut Butter & Jams

-Canned or Dried Noodles and Soups

For any questions about acceptable non-perishable foods or to set up a drop-off at any of our health centers, please contact Marina Lopez, Community Relations Manager: (909) 222-9532 or email.

If you are in need of these items, please contact your local health center for more information. Our locations

We appreciate any support that can be given in this time of need.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb

If you have any questions related to donations or if you need to contact someone urgently, please contact our Senior Operations Manager: William Hernandez: (760) 518-7288 or email.

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